Friday Travel

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I will send out the new password for May tomorrow morning, Saturday.

Three hours of sleep, then up at three thirty. We were at the Albuquerque airport by 06:30. Stephen and I had to gate-check our guitars, because the plane to Chicago was quite small, but the flight attendant for the flight to Buffalo in an even smaller plane was kind enough to store our guitars in his closet. The tourbus picked us up at the airport and we were glad to see our driver. Home, sweet rental home!

I mentioned that I received the amazing Phaidon book A Day at elBulli (here and here) – check out this YouTube about elBulli and their amazing new dishes.

Thursday Evening

Tonight the sky is cloudy, large shapeless clouds that cover Santa Fe as if somebody placed a giant milky bowl over the city. As the sun is setting, that translucent, but not clear bowl lights up in many shades of yellow and orange. It has an otherworldly, slightly threatening look.

This morning I rode the Mariachi Bullitt to Counter Culture to have breakfast with Jon. We always order the exact same food and I remarked that it would be a funny scene for a movie. A man or woman who always eats the same dish for breakfast at restaurant A, followed by a certain dish for lunch at restaurant B and another specific dish for dinner at restaurant C. Do you do that, asked the counter person, horrified. I said, of course not, but it would be funny.

Later I walked to Mello Velo, but my fixie wasn’t ready yet and so I walked back, making a pit stop at Downtown Subscription.

The afternoon was spent in the studio, working on Bikers #3 – I am using the working titles our engineer wrote onto the 2 inch analog multitrack tapes in 1995 – from the LAVA recording and Heart Still/Beating from The Santa Fe Sessions. Both pieces are coming along very nicely and should make their Ottmar-Friends debut sometime in the coming months. A CD of the remixed and remastered album The Santa Fe Sessions will be released in 2010 – twenty years after Nouveau Flamenco. Or maybe it will be released as a download-only album.

LR sent me a link to an article in the UK Times called Young Music Fans Deaf to iPod’s Limitations. It seemed to me that the writer mixed up Data Compression and Dynamic Range Compression, which are two very different things. I wrote about the article and you can feel free to leave comments or questions at the end of this here post.

For dinner I made an arrugula pesto (I substitute arrugula for basil and use walnuts instead of pine nuts) for dinner and experimented with using less water to boil pasta – see this article in the NY Times. Used a large frying pan and 1.5 quarts of water. Worked well.

Top Kitchen Toy? The Cellphone

Top Kitchen Toy? The Cellphone –
Mr. Cosentino said that he sees multifunction devices like the iPhone as the real technological revolution for chefs.

“You’re never going to get a chef to sit at a desk or a computer screen all day,” he said. “But I can take this to the farmers’ market, I can take it to Italy, use it as a camera, look up the history of dishes so I can brief my servers, and make voice notes while I’m cooking,” he said. “And then do I use it to play the Macarena in the kitchen and drive everyone crazy? Yes, I do.”