Friday in Austin

Soundcheck on Thursday:

A friend of mine brought a bottle of vino to the Thursday show at the One World Theater in Austin, a lovely bottle of Bertani Amarone della Valpolicella from 1999. While some of us left for the nightlife in downtown Austin, Stephen and I stayed back and enjoyed the excellent Italian wine and a conversation.

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When I got into a cab on Friday morning and gave my destination as the Paramount Theater, the African cabbie turned around and told me he had just taken another man to that destination. Was he built similar, with short hair? Yes. I texted Alan, to see whether he had gone ahead. Before I heard from him, however, I entered the Hideout Coffeehouse and saw Jon in a corner, drinking coffee.

After my morning coffee I walked around the area, visited the art gallery across the street, and checked out the museum store at the Modern Art Museum down the street, where I took this photo:

The stage was hot on Thursday, but not nearly as hot as it was during the second show tonight. It was fascinating to watch members of the audience fan themselves. Depending on the rhythm of the music the fanners would sometimes synchronize across rows and then drift apart again. It was so hot that it would have been nice to hand out hand-fans to everyone. Thanks for three sold-out shows Austin, I hope you will get some rain soon!

Friday in Austin

One World Theater.

My view from the stage:
My View from the Stage

One World House of Mirrors
After these last two performances Stevo stayed in Austin to catch a flight (ouch! and this), while we started on our drive home.