Friday Afternoon

Current listening: Hilary Hahn: Schönberg / Sibelius

Took a walk down Mass.-Ave. after lunch. Beautiful Spring day here in Cambridge.


I saw the following referenced on the music of sound.

The “Amen Break” and Golden Proportion
A student recently asked if I had any insights into why the “Amen Break” is so popular in some modern music. “What’s that?” I had to admit that I hadn’t heard of it. But when we listened to it, a drum break beat, I recognized the rhythm right away. I’d heard it in television commercials and the music of James Brown, and elsewhere. You probably have too. I became intrigued when I saw an image of the audio waves themselves because I immediately recognized the Golden Ratio in the structure of its timing. And I was surprised to find an even deeper relationship to the structure of the human body.

Haven’t read the whole bit yet, but am always suspicious of statements like that regarding a deeper or hidden relationship or meaning… Our brain loves to seek and find connections – it’s what it is wired to do. It is the reason why my random slideshow works well with the music: experience your brain in action.

Our brains seek and find connections in everything, and sometimes that can be hilarious. I remember, our first bus-driver thought every single woman he met desired him. Clearly a delusion, just his brain seeking and finding signs and then twisting them to its liking…