Music Aphorism

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If your music isn’t changing your life, you’ve simply picked the wrong songs.

Healing with a Tin Whistle – by Ted Gioia


  1. Steve

    I read a very good Music Aphorism just yesterday, but it is not recent, it’s now slightly more than 10 years old. It probably pertains only to musicians per se:

    “Become conversant with harmony by employing the conceit that it doesn’t exist. Discover the appropriate chords by looking at everything as if it were counterpoint.” – Chuck Israels (January 13, 2014)

    I found this extremely insightful.

    • ottmar

      I am a firm believer in that idea and it’s something I have been practicing often. Especially when working on music for Rain Poems… I would try to forget the chords I know and let my fingers find shapes on the fretboard that sounded good or interesting. I think the fact that my instrument sounded new or different, because I was muting with a sponge or buzzing with a piece of paper, actually made this process easier.


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