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02023-06-30 | Environment, Food | 4 comments

Gas stoves pollute homes with benzene, emitting more of the known carcinogen than present in secondhand smoke, according to a new study.

– Scientific American

I thought I would never enjoy cooking on an electric stove. If you are considering the switch, I can tell you that it works very well but it takes some time getting used to. I wouldn’t go back. 


  1. Steve

    So the engineer/math nerd in me first wanted to see how the statistically significant result was arrived upon:

    The first thing I notice … and I am trying to be charitable here … the sample size is n=87. C.I=95% … I dunno.
    That … conclusion … seems a bit wobbly.

    (I’m not saying the data is false. I am saying it’s sparse. Very sparse)

    • ottmar

      That may be so but for people who already have breathing difficulties, such as asthma, every little thing counts. And let’s not forget that the more natural gas we leave in the ground the better it will be.

  2. James

    99% converted to electric cooking here, with the exception being an Iwatani butane torch for those jobs requiring blazing heat.
    I have read that cooking food, regardless of heat source, inevitably produces particulates which could have adverse health effects.

    • ottmar

      Everything is a trade off.
      Cook your food and get more nutrients per chew, but it’ll cost you.
      I suppose that simply to be alive is a health hazard. :-)


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