Kelp Forest

02023-06-13 | Photography | 3 comments

Sunlight Illuminates Undulating Kelp Forests in Underwater Photographs by Douglas Klug


Click on the link for more photographs.


  1. Dave Kirschner

    Fantastic! The orange fish in the picture on Colossal above the one you posted appears to be looking sideways in a WTF kind of way.

  2. luna

    These photographs make kelp beds look stunningly elegant (fish vantage point;) It amazes me how photography, in one brief moment, can capture “the alchemical essence in mundane things!” Beautiful. Simple. Elegant.
    Love these shots! In previous years of open water swimming in the Southern California (cold) Pacific Ocean, kelp beds from a surface-with-goggles standpoint appear less vibrant, EXCEPT for this kind of sheen-sparkle on certain days when the water temperature + sky + color of the water were just a certain way. Then these massive families of interestingly iodine-swaying-water-trees with a strong scent on land, had a kind of playful presence…almost as if to tease the passerby with this surreal feeling.

  3. anne

    like another world underwater ( hard to describe the feeling – maybe peaceful)

    unlikely i will ever scuba dive again,..but every once in awhile – recall the wonder of it all.

    lovely photo’s


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