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From the book Hopeland by Ian McDonald.


  1. anne

    net worth over 200 billion – alot of money and alot of jobs too!

    one unique (and polarized) individual .

    ( think he is working on a new AI ? …cause the current one might destroy the world)

    regulation of AI – wonder what that is gonna look like.

    • ottmar

      Please don’t shut up… it’s all important info and that what this blog is for.
      However, to me that not the worst part of the muskrat. He may have accelerated the EV thing, but he has also shown himself to be quite the racist and fascist. The latter are both the bigger problem for me.

  2. Steve

    >Please don’t shut up… it’s all important info and that what this blog is for.

    Many, many thanks for that.

    • JaneParham

      I second that! You contribute a lot, Steve.

  3. anne

    now i am really curious about him . (odered some books).

    he has a fund …but it just says …
    Musk Foundation

    “Grants are made in support of:

    – Renewable energy research and advocacy
    – Human space exploration research and advocacy
    – Pediatric research
    – Science and engineering education
    – Development of safe artificial intelligence to benefit humanity”

    ..”He donated about $5.74 billion (€5.35 billion) in 2021″.

    so what did he do…i wonder

    • ottmar

      I am sure you can figure it out. Any search engine will supply many links. Books may not be the best references. Often allowing the author to speak with the subject is tied to some amount of control over the output.

      • anne

        yes, of course. Tons of info on him (and others).

        Unless one is preparing for a meeting, does seem like a waste of time digging deeper.

        for example, just read this statement from the ceo of pharma company…

        “Medicine is for the people, not for the profits.”

        WTF !!

        • anne

          Not sure it is possible to have intelligent conversations with ceo’s/senior decisions makers in ANY industry.

          (including the management consultant industry – imo that is one industry that needs a good kick – they don’t have share holders to answer too – so wtf is their problem )

  4. luna

    Muskrat! LOL! I had not heard that nickname before…….sent me into big laughs literally out loud!
    Perhaps, the real questions we all should be asking the “Muskrat”;=) are ones hidden behind the obvious facade questions and answers he (and others) presents? Sometimes the truth is so simply in front of our faces that it’s too obvious and no one really looks or thinks about the obvious because it blends in so well in a society (societies) that is “well-trained.” Like big corporations taking over some “health” food stores or taking over big brand products and changing lots of ingredients to “unhealthy” things that have that “brand’s previous healthy reputation” …many don’t even think to check. All of this with “upgraded” vocabulary and phrases that dance around the truth.
    Personally, I think of what Hitler did with people he considered “less than.” Lots of human “experimentation.” And what about the Muskrat’s new “brain chip” that the FDA quickly approved to supposedly implant into human brains for “eyesight and hearing” for the blind and deaf?


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