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It draws on so many threads – music and art, climate justice, mysticism, electrical engineering, economics, gender politics – and has such a huge cast of finely drawn characters. By all rights, it should collapse under its own weight. I mean, seriously – who can write multi-page passages describing imaginary music and make it riveting?
Pluralistic: Ian McDonald’s “Hopeland” (30 May 2023)

Multi-page passages describing imaginary music and it’s riveting? Sounds like it might be the next book on my reading list. 


  1. Steve

    >”Amon is a composer and DJ who specializes in making music for very small groups of people – preferably just one person – that is so perfect for them that they are transformed by hearing it.”

    Ok, ya got me.

    • ottmar

      Right? That sounds so perfect!
      I do love playing unamplified, for small groups, and I am grateful for those opportunities, but transforming people… that’s a whole other realm. I’m looking forward to learning more about this art. :-)

      • JaneParham

        Steve quoted just the line that grabbed me.

        , I doubt there is any learning about the “art” of transforming people. You have been accomplishing it your whole career. It may be indefinable. You can’t do it intentionally. It results from a sincere feeling for the medium of your art and empathy for the connectedness of humanity. Not just a business, which you proved when you refused to change your name and move to LA to get a contract!

        When I first heard BARCELONA NIGHTS, I was transformed after hearing the first few lines. Like a new, beautiful, romantic world appeared to my broken-hearted self. It seemed to restore my joy and anticipation of adventures ahead.

        There’s much more to talk about on this.


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