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Recorded another piece today. Ideally I should like to record one piece of music each day. Like keeping a diary, only with music. It’s not possible but that would be a lovely goal.

I played part of the melody with artificial harmonics. I love doing those and should do more with them. Harder to do on stage because the light has to be right so one can see exactly where the right pointer finger has to go.

The piece might be called Basho’s Pond, because I used a sound of something falling into a body of water. Might be a stone or might be a frog. Hence the title. One of Basho’s most famous haikus is about the sound of a frog jumping into a pond. 


  1. anne

    “Plop” is onomatopoeic”
    “(ocean-seal absorption)”

    hmm…interesting, ..will order a book or two.

    Recently read a book on zen philosophy -history plus – enso & Shodo
    tea ceremonies and flower arrangement (make posies when i can from garden )

  2. Y.

    It’s a wonderful haiku. Can’t wait to hear the wonderful music.


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