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I could not figure out how to switch from faucet to shower. There was no lever or switch I could find. We use the Wavelength app to communicate and so I posted my question in the Hotel category of our group chat. I highly recommend Wavelength. Encrypted, private, group chat, with multiple categories or subjects, that can each be muted. There are iOS and Mac apps.

Sure enough, one of us had figured out that one can pull down the ring, at the bottom of the faucet, to switch from the default, which is faucet, to shower. I would never have found the solution myself.

I have been thinking about Wavelength versus Twitter or other forms of Social Media. Wavelength can be your personal social media. Connecting with a few friends or colleagues rather than the entire world. Perhaps that leads to more depth instead of width? Maybe the end of social media will just be a tiny wimper and not a bang. Slowly the dust begins to gather in that particular bar and people are meeting elsewhere?

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  1. JaneParham

    Many things crop up to figure out when you travel. I love the challenge and do pretty well at solutions. Credit love of puzzles!

    One time, flying on the small propeller plane from the NASA center in Mt. View, CA, down to NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (now renamed Armstrong FRC, a disturbing, windy leak developed in the back door. I reached down and pushed the rubber seal back in place around the door – no more leak! Haha!


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