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When I dug more into Csontváry’s life story, I found many similarities between his and my personality and artistic philosophy. He was profoundly spiritual yet not religious. He was an apothecary and scientist who started to paint in his middle age only because of a transcendental impulse he received. He gave up his pharmacist career and, for the rest of his life, focused only on art and painting to fulfil his soul’s desires and not for any other earthly or egoistic reason. He never had an exhibition, and he never intended to sell any of his paintings. He became a vegetarian and an outsider of society. Towards the end of his life, he even wrote some advanced philosophical writings challenging the hidden hands behind the governments and world leaders. Unfortunately and typically, he was only recognised decades after his death. His paintings were forgotten and almost sold as canvas to cover trucks after WWII. Then, at the last minute of an auction, somebody recognised their artistic value, bought up and saved these priceless paintings, which was like a miracle itself. Csontváry is now considered to be one of the most critical and influential Hungarian painters of all time! Sometimes I wonder how much invaluable art might have disappeared through the dark times of our history.

▶︎ Void Ov Voices : Baalbek | Attila Csihar | Ideologic Organ

I came across this album on Bandcamp. It’s not my cup of tea but I love how different and deeply personal it is. I am very happy it exists. I also love the above quoted story about the Hungarian painter. Never had an exhibition, never sold a painting, and yet became one of the most influential painters. This is absolutely true: Sometimes I wonder how much invaluable art might have disappeared through the dark times of our history.

Vincent van Gogh’s work could very easily have been burned and forgotten. And certainly that is what happened to countless works of art that were misunderstood at the time.  


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