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Ian asked where I found my longer IEM cable.

I order cables from Null Audio in Singapore. They sell IEMs and make a whole range of custom headphone and IEM cables. I chose the Tiburon cable, which is at the low-mid end of their price range. I find the default length, which is 47″, a little too short and requested a longer 66″ cable, with MMCX connectors for the Euclid and the NL4 Blue 3.5L stereo connector (right angle plug) for the input. I have ordered a couple of different cables from Null. You can use their contact page to let them know what you want. They will send you the price and an invoice. One cable was in my hands eight days after placing the order, the other one took 18 days for start to finish. Great turn around time for a custom cable from a little vendor in Singapore.

In English the word Null means empty or non-existent, as in null and void. In German Null is used for the number Zero.

The Italian mathematician Fibonacci (c. 1170–1250), who grew up in North Africa and is credited with introducing the decimal system to Europe, used the term zephyrum. This became zefiro in Italian, and was then contracted to zero in Venetian.
0 – Wikipedia

Fibonacci’s zephyrum derived from the word ṣifr (Arabic صفر), which meant empty. It’s only one of many words that came to the English language from the Arabic. Algebra is another, from Al-Jabr – the reunion of broken bones.


  1. Steve

    On Unix/BSD/macos/Linux systems, there is a pseudo-device called null which resides in the /dev directory.

    “null” is is a device file that discards all data written to it but reports that the write operation succeeded.

    It is used to discard unwanted output and to provide null input.

    Without it, it would be very hard to discard unwanted output such as errors. (You would have to store the unwanted output in a file that you then deleted, or write a program that consumed all the data without doing anything to it) Kind of a vacuum cleaner for data on these operating systems.

  2. Ian Findlay

    Thanks Ottmar

  3. Ali

    I’ve heard good things about them as well.


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