Music and Aliens

02023-03-18 | History, Music | 1 comment

If Aliens visit Earth, the only reason they will let us live, in my opinion, is that we make some pretty great music. We are shit at taking care of each other and the Fauna and Flora of this planet, but the music is something that will impress the aliens. Play Kind of Blue again, the Alien commander orders, music is their saving grace.

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  1. JaneParham

    Sounds like a great story! The Aliens want to be taught how to play and write the music, except they wouldn’t be able to sing with their vocal structure, but they have hands and feet similar enough to ours. After a number of years the Aliens have their own orchestra and have performed a concert of their own music plus some of their favorite works of ours. Music has healed all hostilities and brought the Aliens and Earthlings together.

    Of course, one of the feminine Aliens has fallen madly in love with one of our extremely soulful guitarists, but it could never be……….



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