Time Reflection

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This feat caused a significant portion of the broadband signals traveling in the metamaterial to be instantaneously time reversed and frequency converted. The effect forms a strange echo in which the last part of the signal is reflected first. As a result, if you were to look into a time mirror, your reflection would be flipped, and you would see your back instead of your face. In the acoustic version of this observation, you would hear sound similar to what is emitted during the rewinding of a tape.
Scientists demonstrate time reflection of electromagnetic waves


  1. anne

    David Gilmour, in an interview, said -Syd Barrett could listen to a tape playing backwards and pinpoint key spots to make changes.

    • anne

      This is purely speculative – re Syd Barrett –

      How can anyone have a mental breakdown in such a short period of time?
      OR…how can a drug like LSD push one over the edge? Excessive use? (lots of people claim they do it daily).

      Even if his breakdown was due to poor genetics ( like gilmour feels), plus excessive drug use, his symptoms manifested in a few months only (gilmour has provided a time line). That seems highly unlikely -imo (but i am not an expert).

      Maybe he tapped into something he was not ready for – it overwhelmed his nervous system – similar to Nietzsche’s’ breakdown (unknown what caused his collapse- but it was rather sudden too).

      Consciousness does not live inside our heads. It is veiled for the most part,… we remain hidden even to our self…..the one and the many.


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