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Our alphabet grew out of pictograms and in some letters we can still see that development. The Q came from a pictogram of a monkey, the m came from water, the letter O came from the eye. For many thousands of years humans have tried to prove themselves apart from nature, existing in nature rather than of nature. But we have language! We are not of nature! And then another layer was added. Not just separation from nature but also separation from other humans. Many elements of language were invented purely to show that the person who could properly navigate the grammar was educated. A plural form isn’t necessary… two chair works just as well as two chairs. Most creoles do just fine without plural forms. Or the endless variations of verbs and tenses!

Language separates us from the world. Which is why almost every religion or spiritual path advises to be silent. Pema Chodron said Slow down, look out, and there’s the world.… I think I would like to amend that to Slow down, shut up, look out, and there’s the world.


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