Drink the Clouds

02023-03-03 | Art, Food | 5 comments

The artwork “Thinking of the Yesterday’s Sky” captures the patterns of the sky from the previous day and, as if plucked from the sky, renders them in a glass of water using 3D printing. The appearance of the glass is then recorded daily. The clouds themselves are “printed” using milk so the drink itself can even be consumed.
Aki Inomata’s New Art Project Lets You Drink the Clouds – Spoon & Tamago


  1. Elisabeth

    The Zen monk, Tich Nhath Hanh said that when we drink a tea, we drink a cloud. It’s a beautiful meditation that connects us to everything in the cosmos. Finally, he said that we are the clouds… It reminds me a piece of music « Ultra Cloud » that I often listened… Do you know it, Ottmar ?

    • JaneParham

      Elisabeth, I enjoyed your comment. By the way, my mother’s name was Elisabeth – with an “s”, the German spelling. :-)

      • Elisabeth

        Jane, was your mother born in Germany ? I’m french…

        • JaneParham

          No, she was born in Texas, USA. Her grandmother was Julia Frankenberg, and I believe Julia’s father was born in Germany. I’ve been meaning to do an Ancestry study to find out the lost details.

          By the way, I so love the French language, art, and music.

  2. anne

    Beyond the body, mind & soul is the fourth . It keeps them all together

    (wisdom teachers need teachers)


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