COVID isn’t a cold

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In photos of 2023’s World Economic Forum- or Davos as it is commonly called, after the Swiss resort town where it annually occurs- you might not notice the HEPA filters. They’re in the background, unobtrusive and unremarked upon, quietly cleansing the air of viruses and bacteria. You wouldn’t know- not unless you asked- that every attendee was PCR tested before entering the forum, or that in the case of a positive test, access was automatically, electronically, revoked. The folks on stage aren’t sporting masks (mostly), so unless you looked at the official Davos Health & Safety protocol, you wouldn’t be aware that their on-site drivers are required to wear them. You also might be surprised to learn that if, at any point, you start to feel ill at Davos, you can go collect a free rapid test, or even call their dedicated COVID hotline.
Billionaires at Davos don’t think COVID is a cold

Almost gives a person the feeling that COVID has been downplayed intentionally in order to get the economy going and creating profits for the people who are meeting in Davos? Or am I too cynical.


  1. JaneParham

    I have only just discovered the “European Pillar of Social Rights”. My first readings have suggested to me that the EU might have taken the lead in the world to promote freedom and democracy.

    “The European Union is founded on the following values:
    Human dignity. Human dignity is inviolable. …
    Freedom. Freedom of movement gives citizens the right to move and reside freely within the Union. …
    Democracy. The functioning of the EU is founded on representative democracy. …
    Equality. …
    Rule of law. …
    Human rights.”

    I believe the above is a brief synopsis of the EU principles set forth in the TREATY OF LISBON put into force in 2009.

    Today I’m listening to a meeting of EUROCITIES, a council comprised of important reps from over 20 major European cities on how to implement the Pillar of Social Rights. They stand for caring for the people over the economy. They are very concerned about homelessness and climate change. One example of action taken by EUROCITIES is their pledge of 4.3 billion euros dedicated to social welfare.

    I love that these principles are formulated in the TREATY OF LISBON of all things, as I have long felt an irresistible passion for Lisbon and all Portugal. I will continue my study of the European Parliament and of the accomplishments in making the European Pillars of Social Justice into reality on the ground.

    • JaneParham

      P.S. This entire meeting of folks from all over Europe was conducted totally in English.

      • ottmar

        I think as we move forward every new constitution has the chance of being an improvement. When South Africa agreed on a new constitution, in 1996, it was said to be the best at the time. I believe what became the treaty of Lisbon, was originally plans for a new European Constitution. (our friend Boris would know…)
        I think the European parliament probably employs the most translators of any place I can imagine. Every country’s politician has a right to translation and there are currently 27 member nations.

        • JaneParham

          I’m keeping my hopes up!


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