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02023-01-08 | Touring | 2 comments

I say: If you’re trying to get through your work as quickly as you can, then maybe you should see if you can find a different line of work. And if you’re trying to get through your leisure-time reading and watching and listening as quickly as you can, then you definitely do not understand the meaning of leisure and should do a thorough rethink. And in both cases maybe it would be useful to read Mark Helprin on “The Acceleration of Tranquility.”
and then? – The Homebound Symphony

Found here. I want to say something about this but I also want to get a walk in this morning… and I can’t do both at the same time, unless you walk with me. :-)
So I am leaving this as a reminder and will get back to it next week.

Oh, we played a new venue in San Antonio last night and I love love love it. It’s called the Carver Cultural Center and is a former library and theater built in 1929. Great vibe, great sound, sold out, plus a fist fight in the back. What more can you want!


  1. Ali

    That is a first, I think. A fist fight at a Ottmar concert. \m/ = ]

  2. Steve Lea

    The Carver acoustics were excellent for your performance last night! I also believe the other attendees felt so also based upon their comments. Not only was the disturbance ‘a first’ in all your performances I have enjoyed back to the beginning, the Carver patrons were likely a broader audience than any of of your concerts I have attended! New fans! Great that you enjoyed a walk in the great weather this morning too!


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