17 Years Ago

02022-12-21 | World | 6 comments

On 21 December 2005, near the end of the Winter Rose Holiday tour, I made this post:

I would like to leave you – for now – with this:
What is the purpose of millions of years of evolution?
Let me tell you a secret: it’s YOU! It’s all so you can experience this life.
Lots of animals have to die so you can live, many humans work to enable your life, and much energy is used up by you.
So, please, take a deep breath, hug a child or a friend, kiss a lover, enjoy a meal alone or with company, take in a sunset, take a deep listen to a piece of music, enjoy a walk… just a take a few moments during this holiday to enjoy this incredible, this unbelievable, this very precious experience – your life.


  1. JaneParham

    Beautiful consciousness! This is what I feel in your music!

  2. Diran

    I agree,

  3. anne

    17 -is a great number ! – (the numbers lead a dance)

  4. Doug

    Ottmar. Would love to hear a comment or two on your inspiration and meaning of Querencia.

  5. Steven G Lea

    I well remember the Winter Rose tour and this time of year brings a time to slow down and reflect on life’s experiences and images I have enjoyed with your inspiration. And of course listen to Merry Millennium Dawn and Happy Holidays 99. Thank you

    • ottmar

      Happy Holidays to you Steven!


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