La Luna

02022-12-17 | Performance, Touring, Video | 2 comments

This performance of La Luna was recorded at the Boulder Theater in 2004. In addition to Jon Gagan and me Robby Rothschild is playing cajon, djembe and congas and Ron Wagner plays tablas, dumbek and various other things.


  1. Ali Shafai

    Would you entertain going back to a larger ensemble like this again in the future?

    • ottmar

      Never say never… but, even adding one additional person to the band will have a domino effect. There are four of us now and we travel in two mini vans. Would a fifth person’s equipment fit into the vans, and would they? Would it mean having to rent a third vehicle? We would also have to rent a fifth hotel room at every stop. As a band gets larger, one would have to consider a tourbus again. I am not sure I want to travel in a tourbus again. I am not saying it won’t happen. It’s more likely to happen for a special run of shows, say for two weeks in a limited area, like California for example.


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