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The best landscape photography of 2022 delivers awesome spectacle:

The latest chapter of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, the most consistently spectacular photo contest in the world, has delivered an awe-inspiring collection of images spanning everything from fantasy-styled mountain vistas to foreboding volcanic eruptions.

Photo Gallery

That’s a collection of truly spectacular photos! These images are huge symphonies, so grand that I feel exhausted after viewing all thirty of them. Perhaps, I wonder, I prefer string quartets to giant symphonies. Each of these photos feels like the crescendo of a symphony, the glorious highpoint. The experience, for me, is like taking the big moments of thirty symphonies and cutting them all together into one presentation. Nothing but the highlights! When everything is loud there is no dynamic flow. I think what I am trying to say is that gloriousness can be exhausting.


  1. anne

    “gloriousness can be exhausting”.- have to remember that one. Could be a useful strategy -.. Wear the mind out.

    next year – going to do some traveling – first stop is one of the places photographed but for the most part of travel, we will be in cities….noisy/ busy cities – (that feels exhausting to me). I do not mind too much – cause i am traveling with my heart. Plus everyday I get to drink in the extraordinary natural beauty all around me.

  2. Robert C Hill

    Amazing photos all of them! Thanks for sharing. It reminds us there is so much beauty everywhere.


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