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I am in Durango for a day. Arrived yesterday afternoon. This morning it was 18° when I went in search of coffee. I found a very good cortado very close to where I am staying.

I started having a headache as the morning went on and went out to look for a drug store to get some aspirin. Durango is at 6,500’ so that checks out. After spending 36 years at altitude I finally discover what it feels like. Ugh! Aspirin thins the blood and allows the blood to reach the capillaries of the brain, which reduces the altitude headache, or so I was told years ago.

Discovered that the closest drugstore is 40 miles from here but there is a Albertsons nearby. I stopped to have a couple of tacos first.

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  1. JaneParham

    I’m spending a month in an altitude of 6 feet near the ocean with it’s very humid atmosphere after living 7 years at 7,000 feet in the very dry high desert of Santa Fe. The humidity brings certain relief from dry eyes and skin, but the limp, sticky clothes and moldy house odors are hard to get used to. Ain’t it awful! But I think I would prefer this low-altitude humid air once I adjust. Hey, sometimes it’s hard to be a human!


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