East Coast – Day 9

02022-11-03 | Jon Gagan, Photos, Touring | 1 comment

Today we drove from Richmond to Annapolis for the performance at the Rams Head.

Jon hasn’t used an amp on stage in years. These are the DIs (Direct Input) boxes he plugs his fretless bass guitar and the upright bass into.

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  1. Tom

    Ottmar – I cannot wait for me and Mary to see you on Sunday at the Birchmere. This month marks 25 years of marriage for us and you are the reason we fell in love. Mary came out to the East Coast from San Diego almost 30 years ago and on my very first meeting her back in 1994, she complained about people not listening to “her” music in DC. As a DC native and music lover, I accused her “like what?” She said “Ottmar Liebert youve probably never heard of him.” I said “he’s in the CD player in my car’s trunk right now. I listened to it this morning.” She didn’t believe me so I took her to my car and proved it. She knew at that moment she would marry me. Since that moment, we have had a million memories with your music and at your live performances and are so glad we get to see you on this important month at a special place to us. Love you, Tom and Mary


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