East Coast, Day 4

02022-10-29 | Jon Gagan, Photos, Touring | 3 comments

Today we drove to Norwalk to play at the Wall Street theater. But first we drove to Stamford, a little further down the road, to go to a Ramen joint we know there. After a late lunch of big bowls of ramen we drove to our destination. The venue was new to us, a beautiful old theater. As we got ready for soundcheck I took this photo of Jon:


  1. luna

    Jon looks so seriously Present with his instrument. Love the BLACK and WHITE IMAGE…it reminds me of the professional bassist upstairs, literally their flat is directly above my room, and I am hearing his guitar bass practicing right this moment as I write! I enjoy hearing his daily practice of the same riffs, although not always at the same exact time each day. And yesterday was an unexpected fun afternoon adventure with them, as I was asked to help out with the music cueing (like filming production of takes over and over again) in the BLACK and WHITE FILMING of him playing a riff on top of a big slanted rock, at the top of a snow chair lift (no snow), amongst big half-moon-shaped towering mountains surrounding the rock he was standing on! Looked like a mini Yosemite. We all took chair lifts (quads) with equipment up and down, plus some steep hiking included! There were some still shots taken too, and this photo of Jon reminds me of this musical adventure yesterday.
    The bass guitar (or standing bass) really has a unique sound, kind of earthy-grounded…and only 4 strings (I never realized the obvious) of different gauge size, which I didn’t know either until I was holding it on a break and got to explore it a bit. These metal strings of different sizes obviously create different sounds, which my mind instantly asked, “Is that why they call it, Heavy Metal?” Heavier metal strings, heavier sounds….?

  2. luna

    P.s. The Black and White Footage of this neighbor-professional-bassist turned out really cool yesterday! The lighting and scenic combination was perfect! Now the creative editing and innovative post-production work begins for them. Fun & Patience ;-))

  3. Steve

    Do you happen to know anything about this bass?


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