East Coast, Day 3

02022-10-28 | Photos, Touring | 2 comments

Jon took this photo before soundcheck in Rockport this afternoon.


  1. luna

    Nice photo of You! Almost looks like Jon caught you unaware…you looked up and grinned or said something and he snapped the picture… ;>)) The whole Ocean of Possibility behind You.

    As you go through life, who do you think you look more alike, your madre or your padre?? Isn’t it interesting, just having this conversation last evening with some friends about, “What about yourself reminds you of one or both of your parents?”…..”what do you think you “inherited” from them?”

    As you spoke about inevitable Change in an earlier post, the ancestral “passing on” of interesting things in each of us is so unique…for me it’s my mother’s laugh and hiccup and my father’s eyelids and height that are so similar physically. Of course there are other things in our personalities and genes, but Isn’t this an interesting question to ask ourselves when we think about what needs to Change today on the beautiful planet. Meaning each of us looking individually at what previous ancestral attitudes or ways or beliefs etc. that were passed on–conscious or not–could Now Be Shifted or Upgraded to get our heads out of the sand or bodies out of the pot of boiling water.?.
    Easy to say, huh?! But seriously, if each individual adult did this assessment honestly with themselves, wow, what we could learn and “see” that is really “ours” and what just got passed down for whatever “fear or ?” reason.

    And then the next powerful step…
    if parents would be this “vulnerable” about themselves & change, and then be Willing to communicate honestly with their children/grandchildren/nieces/
    nephews and literally show them a “new way” by role.modeling the changes themselves–leading by example–even with their adult.children (it’s never too early!), Wow, what possibilities open up then for Change?!? So nice to know that Possibilities are as Limitless as the Imagination and thus the Beliefs one chooses. :÷))

  2. Nancy

    A great photo of you Ottmar! Always nice to see your smiling face.


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