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02022-10-17 | Meditation | 3 comments

may all beings be happy
may all beings be healthy + safe
may all beings have enough
may all beings be at peace

I remixed those four lines from different loving-kindness meditations and arrived at this script by saying combinations of the words over and over until they felt right. These four lines feel right to me.

What I find remarkable is how each line influences all other lines. When we have enough, we are at peace, we are happy and we feel safe, etc.

I started doing this a week ago and I think it is changing me.

I start with people I love… that’s easy. Then I use names of people who feel neutral. That’s harder. Then I use the names of people I really don’t like, even despise, and that becomes really difficult. But this meditation gets stuff done, I promise you. The walls soften just a little bit. The light changes. The point of view becomes a little more flexible.

None of this is news. People have done this kind of meditation for eons. Maybe you can make your own remix and share it in the comments?


  1. JaneParham

    Thank you.

  2. anne

    daily life can be the meditation …all the good stuff & all the crap too (disorder).

    look, see, listen- deeply

    (some say to find truth, one must deny everything that has been said by anybody, deny your guru, your religion, your books etc. Out of destruction comes creation)

  3. luna

    I love this.
    Thank you.
    It would be nice to hear this in Your Voice, speaking it, repeating it, in maybe an interlude in a song, softly in the background? Using Your Beautiful Voice like distant rain sounds in the background…kind of ethereal and almost reprogramming the subconscious of those listening…

    I dream about that ;^)


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