Villa-Lobos Plays the Guitar for Segovia

02022-10-15 | Guitar | 1 comment

Villa-Lobos Plays the Guitar for Segovia | Wisconsin Public Radio

I am sure the linked report is much closer to the truth but the version I heard was much more rock and roll and fun. I was told something like this:

Villa-Lobos sent one of his compositions to Segovia, perhas even something he had especially written for the guitarist. He received a short reply that suggested that the piece was unplayable on the guitar. Sometime later, when Segovia performed in Rio de Janeiro, where Villa-Lobos lived, Villa-Lobos went backstage after the concert and, while Segovia was busy speaking with well-wishers and receiving flowers, he took the guitar out of the case and played the piece while exclaiming “this is supposed to be unplayable, huh?!?”

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  1. JaneParham

    Don’t you just love musicians? :-)


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