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Started playing Lush on the guitar yesterday. Hadn’t played it in more than fifteen years. Might be an interesting tune to re-arrange and resurrect. I find that the version on the Wide-Eyed + Dreaming documentary is perfect. I also like the Steve Hillage remixes of that piece. Of course, I was using a MIDI guitar then… but that’s just a challenge to come up with something different.

Damn, the late Carl Coletti sounds good on that recording! We had been touring a lot and that shows.


  1. Mary Engel

    The confluence of talents displayed as your band performs this lovely tune is organically sublime. Love, love, love!

  2. anne

    ..that brings back memories :).
    .think you were that age when i saw you play.
    A great performance!
    It felt like perfection.

    • anne

      People were listening and watching in the moment.
      Music seems to be able to do that naturally – which is very interesting to me.
      …maybe a collected flow gets generated, effortlessly.

      (of course there has to be a certain skill level – however, imo could be the very best in area of expertise – but it is only magical when audience is engaged. )

    • anne

      really is quite curious – collective flow states.

      catalyze could be meditative states or state development?
      mo- this is a state of mind that is free, not free from anything but free without motive (very challenging). It is not a result. More a quality of mind, a deep maturity.

  3. Brian

    Wonderful! I’ll be seeing you in Denver in March. My first concert since the start of the pandemic, and I can’t wait!


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