Pacific Morning

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Yesterday was a long travel day. I got up at 0230 and had coffee and a little food. At 0345 I was on my way to the airport. Eighteen hours later I was waiting for my suitcase in Honolulu. The Uber driver was great. He saw me put on a mask as I got into his car and put one on himself. No words were exchanged. He just drove, controlled and efficiently – perfect after so many hours of traveling.
This morning I was awake super early and used the time to deal with email. I left the hotel about ten minutes before sunrise and walked towards the water. Who doesn’t like to look at waves! There is something so amazing about staring at the movement of water. As I am sure I have mentioned many times before, I used to love to sit on the bank of the Rhine in the evenings. It was the sound AND the sight of the waves that captivated me. I walked a few miles and then decided to go to a coffeeshop Jon and I have been going to every time we are here. It opened at 0700 and by the time I got there, at 0720, there was a line of at least 100-150 people, stretching out of the door and down the street. Jon did say that it was the best coffee he had every had. I blamed Yelp and social media and continued on my way.


  1. anne

    aahhh the ocean…

    for me it is the smell, no sandy beach huge lake with pounding waves comes close to an ocean.

    the mother of life

    nice photos..

    • anne

      pacific ocean – 165,250,000 km² (63,800,000 sq mi)
      Average depth 4,280 m (14,040 ft)

      so vast , so full of life, powerful – like omg !

      miss the ocean.
      (started my under grad in marine biology, used to scuba dive -like another life time ago now)

      david attenborough does some great nature shows.

      an excellent one with music on our amazing planet

  2. Nancy

    I love the smell and the sound of the ocean. There is really nothing like it. I love lying in bed and listening to the surf. Hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii.


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