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I started walking about 45′ before sunrise. It was quiet as I slipped through neighborhoods, walked along a river, crossed a park, and then I came across this cone-shaped thing. I wanted to believe someone was building a rocket in their backyard and then forgot about it and let the plants cover it… but it really, probably, was some kind of yurt.


  1. JaneParham

    Hmm. Looks like the rocket may have gone through atmospheric burn on re-entry to Earth. They may have an advanced technology that covers or disguises the noises. :-)

    Watching news of the Webb space telescope, hearing that it will give us images of early times in the universe, I ask – if this universe, has a beginning point, what existed BEFORE it began? Could you imagine total nothingness? And then suddenly a hydrogen atom pops into existence? This really does not line up with science, does it?

    Also, is there anything beyond our universe?

    Investigation beyond matter must hold answers. We already live with the existence of nonphysical “things” like imagination, meditation, much more. Once I asked my astronomy teacher how that first hydrogen atom came to be. “That’s for religion,” he said. “Science starts after that point.”. Not satisfying.

    By the way, you stacked 2 of my most loved things in your 8/20 posts:. Rockets and ice cream. Hahahaha!

    • ottmar

      I like how Hindus see this, as a huge cycle. So before this universe came into existence another universe went out. Everything is cyclical, so we can assume so are universes.

      “Hindus believe the process of creation moves in cycles and that each cycle has four great yugas, or epochs, of time. And because the process of creation is cyclical and never-ending, it “begins to end and ends to begin.”​ A Kalpa, or eon, is said to be comprised of a thousand cycles of four yugas—each of a different quality. By one estimate, a single yuga cycle is said to be 4.32 million years, and a Kalpa is said to consist of 4.32 billion years”

      So this could be your favorite place for ice cream: Rocket Science Ice Cream –

      • JaneParham

        Ottmar, you are the most divine man walking around on the globe! Well, Rocket Science Ice Cream is just a 20-hour drive. It may be worth it!


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