Under Stony Pine

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This is related to my recent post Rituals, Customs and Sentiments.

For a moment let’s pause all arguments for or against a higher power of any kind. What is left then are actionable techniques that work. They work because humans have experimented with them for millennia. Here is a quick list I wrote down while sitting in a park, under these marvelous Stony Pine trees… It’s an incomplete list, I am sure, but there is a lot here that could be taught to people of any or no faith.

    1. practice
      1. meditation
      2. prayer *
      3. yoga
      4. training compassion
      5. service
        1. feeding hungry
        2. attending to ailing
        3. cleaning
        4. cooking
    2. ceremony or rituals
      1. lighting incense
      2. lighting a candle
      3. fasting
      4. wearing special clothes, robes, or covering head
    3. gratefulness
      1. meal prayer/giving thanks for food
      2. daily reflection/giving thanks for people/situations
    4. movement, esp. synchronized or done in a group
      1. dancing
      2. tai-chi in the park
      3. bowing
      4. gestures
    5. music!
      1. singing together, hymns
      2. karaoke?
      3. listening to music (Bach on a church organ!)
      4. chanting
    6. architecture
      1. sacred buildings
      2. sound!
      3. scale!
      4. libraries?

* I think that prayer can be a practice and is not limited to communicating to a higher power. A prayer can be the focusing of one’s attention. It can be an expression of gratitude and thanks. It can state one’s intent.


  1. anne


    • anne

      can we always be nice/sweet?

      Most likely not – but it sure is worth trying – imo.

      From your posts , you make an excellent effort. I enjoy reading them.

      When I listen to your music – it feels sweet.

  2. anne

    I have a sweet story to tell (otherwise might forget)

    I live near a river – 100 mile river. Parts you can fish in – other parts, – a good pair of water shoes will get you to the other side.

    The other day – i saw an egret fishing. Sat by the river to get a better look. …bird was on other side and further north. When the egret saw me …took off but then decided to land south of me but still on other side – very interesting bird to watch. Next moment a frog hops on the stone beside me and we are both watching the bird, which now takes off again and lands in front of us – about 2 arm lengths away. We just marvel at the bird. Frog hops away and egret starts to take off. Like a kids story – very cute.

    Today – i went back to the same spot waited but my friends did not show up :)!


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