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This is related to my recent post Rituals, Customs and Sentiments.

For a moment let’s pause all arguments for or against a higher power of any kind. What is left then are actionable techniques that work. They work because humans have experimented with them for millennia. Here is a quick list I wrote down while sitting in a park, under these marvelous Stony Pine trees… It’s an incomplete list, I am sure, but there is a lot here that could be taught to people of any or no faith.

    1. practice
      1. meditation
      2. prayer *
      3. yoga
      4. training compassion
      5. service
        1. feeding hungry
        2. attending to ailing
        3. cleaning
        4. cooking
    2. ceremony or rituals
      1. lighting incense
      2. lighting a candle
      3. fasting
      4. wearing special clothes, robes, or covering head
    3. gratefulness
      1. meal prayer/giving thanks for food
      2. daily reflection/giving thanks for people/situations
    4. movement, esp. synchronized or done in a group
      1. dancing
      2. tai-chi in the park
      3. bowing
      4. gestures
    5. music!
      1. singing together, hymns
      2. karaoke?
      3. listening to music (Bach on a church organ!)
      4. chanting
    6. architecture
      1. sacred buildings
      2. sound!
      3. scale!
      4. libraries?

* I think that prayer can be a practice and is not limited to communicating to a higher power. A prayer can be the focusing of one’s attention. It can be an expression of gratitude and thanks. It can state one’s intent.


  1. anne


    • anne

      can we always be nice/sweet?

      Most likely not – but it sure is worth trying – imo.

      From your posts , you make an excellent effort. I enjoy reading them.

      When I listen to your music – it feels sweet.

  2. anne

    I have a sweet story to tell (otherwise might forget)

    I live near a river – 100 mile river. Parts you can fish in – other parts, – a good pair of water shoes will get you to the other side.

    The other day – i saw an egret fishing. Sat by the river to get a better look. …bird was on other side and further north. When the egret saw me …took off but then decided to land south of me but still on other side – very interesting bird to watch. Next moment a frog hops on the stone beside me and we are both watching the bird, which now takes off again and lands in front of us – about 2 arm lengths away. We just marvel at the bird. Frog hops away and egret starts to take off. Like a kids story – very cute.

    Today – i went back to the same spot waited but my friends did not show up :)!

  3. anne

    The salmon are jumping up the falls (7- 10ft )- on the river near me. Incredible to watch.

    Salmon is believed by the elders to be the keeper of wisdom ad inner knowing who despite strong river currents, always return to the place of its creation. Its determination is driven by the wisdom of instinct and inner knowing.

    Jumping up these falls (about 5)is almost impossible. Most do not make it.

    When I watch them, I can relate. I have been trying to do the impossible for years, create something the world has never seen before . But like the fish, at some point, give up.

    For a short time here, connecting to your energy, I got a small glimmer of hope..

    Without a clear mind , open heart and open will – never happen – it is just another idea ahead of its time.

    Take care, and good luck with your music creations.


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