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We start and end with that moon gate; in between there are images of cacti, artichokes, figs, a rubber plant, a couple of evening photos, and finally a morning walk through olive trees. I wanted to walk all the way to the cork trees, but didn’t quite make it that far. I could see myself as a cork farmer. I imagine it is a quiet profession… cork can only be harvested, by law, every nine years. Lots of time to pass with making music.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    What a magical touch a round entryway can bring!

    • ottmar

      a moongate – I love the name

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Be still, my Heart!

        • luna

          First thing looking thru these photos, I thought, “i love that name Moon Gate!” Its like walking thru an Alchemical Portal! And the cactus reminded me of the photo of Your Home cactus with the blooms!
          …I looked this municipality of Estremoz up of course, and found out the just NE of it, over the border in , is a town called, drum roll please,;^) Alburquerque!

  2. luna

    …it sounds and looks like you did have an imaginative time in Estremoz, exploring! How fun!


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