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Good morning. I am not a good poet, but I don’t let that stop me. Poetry is a great tool we can use to slow down. Sometimes lines come together in my head. Most of the time I let them drop and pop on the ground like soap bubbles and sometimes I end up writing them down before I forget them. Here is something from the walk this morning. Perhaps it is more of a reminder to myself.

your world will keep turning
until it won’t
you will keep moving
until you won’t

and come to yourself
even if it’s just for a moment
so you can watch everything else turn
while you remain still

when again you join the tumble
don’t let it shove you forward
feel free to walk out of step
or take a step aside


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    This is a blessing, dear friend. “watch everything else turn while you remain still.”. Speaks to me in a special way. Much needed.

  2. anne

    ” in the present moment when your mind remains in it’s own condition without constructing anything

    awareness, in that moment , is quite ordinary”

    aware of distinctions and unity simultaneously


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