Synchronous Fireflies

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I saw this today and wanted to share it with you. I found it on Colossal, which has a lot of cool stuff. Check it out.

Minmini(fireflies) – Billions of synchronous fireflies at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve from Sriram Murali on Vimeo.

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  1. anne

    nature, another big WOW

    Nothing like mother nature too – we had a hurricane .a few days ago. My area is full of 100 plus year old trees. Those high winds blew through my block with such a rage…trees fell – HUGE trees fell on houses, cars …in just minutes. Such POWER.

    (the real funny thing …my little humming bird feeder was left standing….nothing in my garden moved !!… my huge tress swayed weathered it in the back but we lost a big branch on front tree- my daughters view…oh how she loves trees – wish I could glue it back.)


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