Had to come from somewhere…

02022-05-03 | World | 3 comments

… might as well be space…

All RNA and DNA Base Types Are Found in Meteorites, Study Claims | The Scientist Magazine®:

All five nucleobases that make up DNA and RNA have now been detected in meteorite samples, according to a study published yesterday (April 26) in Nature Communications. The work used recently developed techniques to identify not only adenine and guanine—which had previously been identified in samples from some of the same meteorites—but also cytosine, uracil, and thymine, supporting the idea that the precursors of life could have come from space.

The meteorites could have been contaminated after reaching Earth, but this is a interesting possability. Of course this could give rise to a narrative where some advanced species bombarded everything with rocks that contained the building blocks to see where and how life might spring up. But, said species didn’t survive the billions of years that followed and never witness this teenager of a humanoid species that acts like they are the only thing that matters. :-)


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Carl Sagan often spoke of our being made of star stuff.

  2. anne

    life – humanoid or other – what a mystery !
    consciousness is not inside our head – everything is a construct –
    no me – no you – just arises

  3. James

    Sounds as if the primordial soup was actually a stone soup :-)


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