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Javier Limón is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer from Madrid. (his website, wikipedia)
I made a short playlist of five songs from his productions. The first track is a piece sung by Mariza, the most famous current fado singer. Limón also produced her album “Mondo”, which you can find here.
The second and third tracks on this playlist are sung by Buika. The third one, “No Habrá Nadie en el Mundo” feels like a particular beautiful example of the meeting of Pop, Flamenco, and Jazz. At one point I was exploring the idea of adding singing to my album “Waiting n Swan” and thought Buika might have the right voice for that. Now I listen to “Waiting n Swan” and can’t imagine having singers on it.
The last track on the playlist is from Limón’s album “Son de Limón” and features a trumpet player from the Bronx by the name of Jerry Gonzalez. More about him tomorrow.


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