The Bad Zone

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Dyson Zone™ Air-Purifying Headphones”
aka the Wearable SuperSpreader Event… Find out why it is a bad idea.

Post Pandemic design has to be different, whether it’s the air flow in school rooms, offices, or restaurants, or wearable devices like this. Extra points for calling it the “Snot Canon”.


  1. Steve

    Absolutely! Ventilation and airflow need to become top priorities. There is a very significant paper recently published demonstrably showing how important this is and needs to be moving forward:

    Post pandemic design of performance spaces has to be different too, and I am hoping that venues will up their game in this area. The foregoing paper seems pretty compelling in regards to such an effort.

  2. anne

    “The Bad Zone” – good title!

    re schools got-bigger problems than air flow! but agree needs to be looked at.

    The US education system is awful. Ours is not as bad?? Need data/research. .

    (big fire, big burn. Into the ashes and no return.) My fantasy ! Horrendous experience…system wide issues. The stories I can tell..

    Easy to identify problems – anybody can do that. How do you fix it, improve…rebuild?

  3. Steve

    >Easy to identify problems – anybody can do that. How do you fix it, improve…rebuild?

    This is the nice thing about the paper I linked to. The paper is showing the problem(s) and evidence for it, but the real gold is the references. Specifically:

    Spec 62.1-2016 provides guidance on how to fix the problem: it provides a baseline performance spec and all one has to do is design a system that exceeds that spec … ”

    After that it becomes the providence of policy makers, contractors, and developers. Creating air handling that works at the capacity enumerated in the spec above IS more costly, and that is likely what will stand in the way of its implementation. I don’t know what can be done about that part. The solution does exist. Today.


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