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Let’s do a mini playlist and start it off with the beautiful Always and Forever, by Pat Metheny, from the album “Secret Story”. We will follow this up with Bolero de Vicente, by Vicente Amigo, from the album “Ciudad de las Ideas”. You will notice that both pieces have harmonica solos on them. Metheny’s album was released in 1992 while Amigo’s record was released in 2001. In 1995 Vicente Amigo released a brilliant album called “Vivencias Imaginadas” with the track Querido Metheny. The admiration appears to be mutual–because Pat Metheny wrote:

i LOVE vicent (SIC) amigo. everything about what he does, his touch, his sound, his ideas, all knock me out. one of my real favorites. that song on his album was one of the best compliments i have ever recieved (SIC).

If you want to make the playlist a little longer you could add Master Zhuang’s Butterfly Dream as a third piece. The totel length of the playlist will be about 17 minutes… perfect for a little break to watch the clouds and let your thoughts drift.


  1. James

    I just put on this playlist, and my wife said “you are the perfect DJ”, to which I replied “thanks to Ottmar!”

  2. anne

    lovely –
    helps to mellow out.

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    Ahh, all so lovely. Romantic AND sexy. The Methany was enchanting, dreamy and totally fulfilling.


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