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I watched the French movie “Delicious” on Kanopy. The film presents the life of a cook, just prior to the French Revolution, who opens one of the first restaurants (from restorant/restorative) for anyone willing to pay. I enjoyed the movie. A lot of the camera work is very beautiful. The film also shows the “invention of French Fries”, which surely every Belgian would decry as clever manipulation of the viewer, because French Fries came from Belgium. (((go to any restaurant in Belgium and order Belgian Fries instead of French Fries and watch the waitperson smile!)))


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Beautiful – I’ll watch.

    Remember BABETTE’S FEAST? A Danish film where lavish French feast meets sense-deprived religious spinsters and their dwindling congregation (extreme simplification). Superb! Along with the fabulous CHOCOLAT along the same line.

    • ottmar

      Re-watched both of those last year. They are still splendid! :-)

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Ottmar, you have a lovely command of the written English word. Do you have the same talent in German?

        • JaneParhamKatz

          Watched DELICIOUS this evening. When the film ended, I had a huge smile on my face. I loved it! Each frame looked like a painting. Outdoor shots were especially wonderful, especially rain and snow scenes. The plot was engaging. It was exciting to see a restaurant emerge and evolve into what we would recognize as a modern restaurant. There is just something so juicy and Delicious about the French people!


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