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Can I post one of my pieces? Why not! Here is Lush, from the album “The Hours Between Night + Day”. I came across it the other day and listened for the first time in a long while.

Toward the end of recording the album, I received a Midi-Flamenco guitar Keith Vizcarra made for me. Right away I wanted to record something with the instrument. I chose a sitar sample and a string sound to follow the guitar and worked on a melody. Then I wanted to create a rhythm using a water drop. I remember we spent quite a while recording a “perfect drop” and then creating a sample. We might have used a Fairlight, which the studio owned, for this task. I am not sure. Everything else came together really quickly. I recorded the guitar, Jon added fretless bass guitar.

Epic Records, my record company at the time, approved of the idea of doing several remixes of pieces from the album. We asked Steve Hillage do pick a song and he selected “Lush”. You can hear the long version Lush (La Calypso Mix) on the EP “Euphoria”. I knew of Steve Hillage since a friend of mine discovered the band Gong in the mid 70’s. Steve also made a name for himself as a fine producer. You have to check out 1, 2, 3, Soleils, featuring Faudel, Khaled and Rachid Taha and Valencia, from Rachid Taha’s album “Olé Olé”.

I remember standing in the office of my A&R person at Epic and speaking on the phone with Steve Hillage. We talked about Goa’s beaches and fullmoon parties, travel, and music.


  1. Doc

    I absolutely love LUSH, the Calypso Mix is a pretty amazing reimagining of the song.

    I played it over and over, and it always made my mix CDs (remember those?) when sharing music with friends. That one and Moon over Trees, such a lovely little piece and often overlooked.

    Thanks for the years of music.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      I love LUSH of HOURS BETWEEN…. If I allow my mind to let go, LUSH flies me to an unEarthly world of beauty and refreshing delight, a place like no other. I too am compelled to play it over and over. Deep yet clear and uncomplicated.

  2. MTCallahan

    While I like each and every version of Lush, my favorite is from the Wide-eyed + Dreaming concert DVD. My youngest daughter would request that we watch that DVD when she was little and wasn’t ready for bed. I could count on Lush as her favorite lullaby.


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