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No DMT yesterday because I spent most of the day in the air. Maybe I should change the name to “Almost Daily Music Tip”.

I think you will enjoy today’s selection, which picks up the pace a little bit.

Via Caliente by William Orbit – link to bio on his website. (((sounds like an interesting fellow: “He is writing a book and painting with oils on canvas”)))

The other day I linked to his version of Peer Gynt and then I remembered this piece, which is from the 1987 album “Strange Cargo”.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Of course, I knew you were flying (Covid test). So glad you posted more Orbit music. He’s so cool for taking the name “Orbit.” (Seems fitting.) By th way, I liked a lot of Vangelis’s music. I used to drive around Kennedy Space Center very late at night while the Shuttle was out on the launch pad ready for take-off, brightly lit up with spotlights. I would be playing Vangelis’s spacey music; I felt like a woman in love!

    But, thank you, I am much more in tune with Mr. Orbit’s music. Maybe it’s the classical music in his background. I enjoyed “Secret Garden” and really got into “Jimmy’s Jag!”

    So…I just finished practicing my Debussy, went to my easel and worked on my acrylics on cardboard painting, and sat down to send my poems to a small-press publisher but was put off by their request for a 2-page story of my work plus an effective marketing plan. OMG. I think we are all “interesting fellows.”


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