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I came across today’s selection while listening to the soundtrack of the movie Diva, a French movie that was released in the US in 1982. I was 23 when the movie came out and remember watching it several times that year. The movie featured the gorgeous aria “Ebben? Ne andr√≤ lontana”, from the opera La Wally, and a very nice soundtrack by Vladimir Cosma. The 2014 re-master of the soundtrack includes a bonus track that is a Jazz version of “Sentimental Walk”, which Cosma recorded with Chet Baker, not long before Baker’s tragic death.

Here is the link:
Sentimental Walk


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Merci, merci, merci! Delightful! Now you have reached my deepest being, you wonderful person. I love that aria from LA WALLY, but have never listened to the whole opera. The PROMENADE SENTIMENTALE with piano (#2) – so heavenly Frenchy!

    TUILLERIES SOUS LA PLUIE – so beautiful!

    Much delicious variety on this Album! Your DMT is a great and welcome idea. It feels good to explore these things.

    • ottmar

      I loved the aria from La Wally in this movie. Eventually I found a really thrilling version of that area by the great Maria Callas.

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Oh, Maria Callas! Such a voice, such a spirit, such a heart of music! My mother saw her perform MEDEA in Dallas when the Metropolitan Opera toured there and was electrified. I have just listened to several recordings of the LA WALLY aria with Callas on Apple Music – all wonderful. Also thrilling in LA WALLY was Angela Gheorghiu. But no one matches the subtleties, emotions, and dynamics of Callas.

        Callas is another example of a supreme artist, who was a very difficult person (to say it kindly). I used to go to lunch once a week with Sir Rudolf Bing when I worked at Columbia Artists Management in NYC. (After he had left the Metropolitan Opera and worked at Columbia). He was still hot-headed over firing Callas. I liked Sir Rudolf, who was heartbroken after the death of his wife (a former ballerina) and only wanted to still be running the Met.

        A thrilling tenor of the past (though still in my present) is Franco Corelli. I saw him perform in Dallas and NYC with the Met. I almost literally swooned in his performance as Romeo. He was so handsome (Rock Hudson type – only better!) He held a glorious High C at the end of the balcony aria as he pranced the full width of the stage, close to the edge, looking out at us! I actually met him, after his heyday, as his agent was at Columbia Artists. He also had his reputation for being temperamental.

        I am truly grateful! My heart is overflowing.

  2. anne

    v. good !
    Lots of choices .
    Music is such a personal journey .
    Hard to decide on the right combo of music for groups.

    • anne

      really like the chet baker version. Been cooking all day , a great one to have a cup of tea with …and watch the snow fall again. (so much snow this year – just fantastic.)

  3. Y.

    I can remember first seeing this movie and enjoying it.

    Toscanini admired this composer very much. One of his daughters was named, Wally.

    • ottmar

      Wally Toscanini… didn’t know that.
      I remember seeing the movie several times in 1982, saving up for the ticket each time.

      • Y.

        Only only Wally, buy Walter Toscanini was named after another Catalani opera.

        Same here. Loved the movie so much and saved to see it again.


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