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I came across today’s selection while listening to the soundtrack of the movie Diva, a French movie that was released in the US in 1982. I was 23 when the movie came out and remember watching it several times that year. The movie featured the gorgeous aria “Ebben? Ne andrò lontana”, from the opera La Wally, and a very nice soundtrack by Vladimir Cosma. The 2014 re-master of the soundtrack includes a bonus track that is a Jazz version of “Sentimental Walk”, which Cosma recorded with Chet Baker, not long before Baker’s tragic death.

Here is the link:
Sentimental Walk


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Merci, merci, merci! Delightful! Now you have reached my deepest being, you wonderful person. I love that aria from LA WALLY, but have never listened to the whole opera. The PROMENADE SENTIMENTALE with piano (#2) – so heavenly Frenchy!

    TUILLERIES SOUS LA PLUIE – so beautiful!

    Much delicious variety on this Album! Your DMT is a great and welcome idea. It feels good to explore these things.

    • ottmar

      I loved the aria from La Wally in this movie. Eventually I found a really thrilling version of that area by the great Maria Callas.

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Oh, Maria Callas! Such a voice, such a spirit, such a heart of music! My mother saw her perform MEDEA in Dallas when the Metropolitan Opera toured there and was electrified. I have just listened to several recordings of the LA WALLY aria with Callas on Apple Music – all wonderful. Also thrilling in LA WALLY was Angela Gheorghiu. But no one matches the subtleties, emotions, and dynamics of Callas.

        Callas is another example of a supreme artist, who was a very difficult person (to say it kindly). I used to go to lunch once a week with Sir Rudolf Bing when I worked at Columbia Artists Management in NYC. (After he had left the Metropolitan Opera and worked at Columbia). He was still hot-headed over firing Callas. I liked Sir Rudolf, who was heartbroken after the death of his wife (a former ballerina) and only wanted to still be running the Met.

        A thrilling tenor of the past (though still in my present) is Franco Corelli. I saw him perform in Dallas and NYC with the Met. I almost literally swooned in his performance as Romeo. He was so handsome (Rock Hudson type – only better!) He held a glorious High C at the end of the balcony aria as he pranced the full width of the stage, close to the edge, looking out at us! I actually met him, after his heyday, as his agent was at Columbia Artists. He also had his reputation for being temperamental.

        I am truly grateful! My heart is overflowing.

  2. anne

    v. good !
    Lots of choices .
    Music is such a personal journey .
    Hard to decide on the right combo of music for groups.

    • anne

      really like the chet baker version. Been cooking all day , a great one to have a cup of tea with …and watch the snow fall again. (so much snow this year – just fantastic.)

  3. Y.

    I can remember first seeing this movie and enjoying it.

    Toscanini admired this composer very much. One of his daughters was named, Wally.

    • ottmar

      Wally Toscanini… didn’t know that.
      I remember seeing the movie several times in 1982, saving up for the ticket each time.

      • Y.

        Only only Wally, buy Walter Toscanini was named after another Catalani opera.

        Same here. Loved the movie so much and saved to see it again.


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