Not very Peopley

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I really should strive to populate my photos, to make an effort to allow people to happen. Something to try in the new year, perhaps.


  1. James

    It seems to me, perhaps by convention, we expect most city scenes to be populated by at least a person or two, whereas natural landscapes are appreciated for the total lack of humans and their artifacts. As a viewer, I like these photos of empty old city spaces because I can employ my imagination to fill in all kinds of human activity from any time period. They have an open ended timeless quality to them. On the other hand, human subjects often add another layer of interest and an entry point to real and imaginary stories.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      I like the empty streets. I imagine myself walking along by myself.

      • JaneParhamKatz

        I meant to comment on the photos with laundry hanging outside apartment windows. I love it! My apartment in this wonderful City had a washer, no dryer. I hung out the laundry regularly. I felt so old-world.

        • ottmar

          Santa Fe is perfect for drying clothes on a line outside. On a line they dry faster than in the dryer.

          • JaneParhamKatz

            Would it be fun to do photos of city streets with animals and no people – birds, cats, maybe a donkey…. And take landscapes with people doing all kinds of things.

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