Elevator Series

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I enjoyed my morning coffee, a cortado. Cortado literally means “cut” in Spanish and Portuguese, as in cut back the amount of milk that is used for a cappuccino. For me it’s the perfect mix of coffee and milk. In the US the cortado is sometimes called a Gibraltar, after the American brand of glass used to serve the drink there.

I look up and towards the elevator. Later, I walk closer. The building was finished in 1899–the elevator was operational in 1902–and looks like something out of Star Wars, I find. It goes up six floors and at that level a bridge leads across a street to the ground floor of another street. The view is amazing. The city is built on and around and through hills that define the neighborhoods.

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  1. Steve

    The engineer in me can only marvel and think, “What a remarkable structure.”

    • ottmar

      Eiffel tower opened in 1889. This structure must have been inspired by that, I imagine.


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