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02021-04-20 | Photos | 4 comments

I enjoyed playing with the incense video and decided that I should take photos of incense, too. Smoke can move unpredictably and can create all sorts of interesting shapes. I would gently blow in the direction of the incense and then smoke would begin to dance. I couldn’t rely on what I saw because by the time I could release the shutter the smoke would have changed shape already. It was mostly guess work and then eliminating the photos that didn’t work.

You can check out the photos at this link.

I find that these photos make excellent wallpaper for my computer as well as my phone. Feel free to download any image you like for that purpose.
Smoke 1


  1. Luz Rivera

    In your video I loved where the smoke formed basically two straight lines up —time frame around 1:07 or so. Incense is a form of meditation for me and seeing the spirals take me another realm almost. Will definitely add one of the photos as a wallpaper.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Ottmar, I think you should show and sell these wonderful photos at a Santa Fe art Gallery. They are absolutely thrilling, especially all grouped together.

  3. Y.

    Enjoyed the photos and look forward to the music to be discovered.

  4. anne

    smoke is sexy!


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