The Seventh Walk

02021-03-19 | Movies, Music | 1 comment

I watched an amazing movie last night. It is called The Seventh Walk. I subscribe to Mubi which shows a lot of the kinds of movies I love. Here is what Wikipedia says about Mubi:

Originally called The Auteurs, MUBI was founded in 2007 by Efe Çakarel, who began work on the business model for MUBI after being unable to watch In the Mood for Love online while in a café in Tokyo. In 2010, the company adopted the new name MUBI. MUBI is a curated streaming service, which offers an ever-changing collection of hand-picked films, introducing one new film each day.

The Seventh Walk. There is no dialog. The camera work is beautiful. The sound recording is spectacular… the sounds of drawing and painting, of walking, of bird and insects, wind, and water! And the music is enchanting.

You can also rent the film on Vimeo.

I found this song by the man who did the soundtrack of “The Seventh Walk” and listened to it this morning:

I can’t figure out what kind of instrument can go so high and so low.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I love Indian music so much. Sometimes, when I listen, I feel possible emotions from a past life. (Maybe it’s just from my past in this life. I was engaged to a man from India, who constantly sang Bollywood songs, and I had a passion for Ravi Shankar’s music.)

    Might the Instrument in the excerpt here be manipulated electronically to get such a ränge?


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