Guitar and Pipe

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Guitar and Pipe by Juan Gris, at the Dallas Museum of Art


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Once in a while I succumb to thinking Cubism is cuckoo. Not that I don’t respect and enjoy it! This painting feels like a fine painting of a guitar jumped out of the picture frame and fell into quantum chaos, rather lovely looking chaos!

  2. Lauren Ireland

    Thank you for sharing this creative exploration in what appears to be a sacred space. Your music has often accompanied me as I paint in my studio. It always fascinates me how musicians and visual artists become inspired by each other’s art forms and express their findings within their chosen medium. This piece is such a great example of that.

  3. anne

    think you posted a photo of a pipe? …sitting here thinking what do i do next with my plumbing issue …and your image of a pipe ..flashed…

    thought maybe looking at it the solution might form in my mind ….
    (old homes …complex plumbing issues)

    • anne

      never have a hack do the job…always call a pro …and check references (really- i should know better – so anxious to get the job done – not doing the basics right.)

      …put “him” (assume 99% male profession)…through a tough test before he gets my trust.

      Find the right plumber – get strong pipes with water flowing!

      My search begins.

      • anne

        … did do the basics – went to the top (home depot and other major supplier) – just assumed get good worker s,.. but no. Should be able to trust recommendations.

        … home depot gonna get an earful – (review leadership structure).
        (only people with a ton of money get the best workers??)

        A repeat story …constant repeating pattern ….every industry , especially ones …should be able to trust. This includes – academics/thought leaders, senior leadership , …healthcare experts, …financial advisors …public education/teachers , …yep – list goes on and on.

      • anne

        sorry if i am being presumptuous here …ie want to hear more..

        so the next day called a licensed plumber, in minutes fixed everything (including redoing previous job ). What a lesson – think i could write a short story about it..

        The plumber name is Samuel – .. name means- god heard …. Rather funny.

        now for the door …been working on it for days. Decided, just now.. – no more work. It gets painted as is…with all its imperfections ..

        Took off the door knob…may be a nice surprise ..- must be 100 years old!

        Few more days of work ….should be done .

        Thanks for listening :)


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