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I watched yesterday’s events unfold with the same disbelief that I watched events on that 11 September years ago.

Many have said that if the mob had been dark skinned, they would have been shot. While this is true, it is also true that a light skinned left-leaning mob would have been met with violence. We only have to look at the police force and/or national guard acting against protesters this year or during the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Particularly shameful is the attempt by some pundits to claim that yesterday’s mob was Antifa in disguise – see Reichstagsbrand for a historical reference.

Thanks to a quick thinking staffer the boxes with the certified votes were secured. What if they had been burned or looted?

Do I see historical parallels because history always follows similar patterns (and because German history taught me to be paranoid) or do I see it because some of the people involved actually studied the playbook?


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Thank you, Ottmar. I needed to hear your voice on this unbelievable day, my friend. I watched all day and night, to the resumption of Congress after the siege until they affirmed the Biden election.

    Many Congressmen were on fire in brilliant speeches opposing the lame objections to certifcation of electoral votes. Those trying to undo the electoral votes repeated the same nonsense Trump spouts about election irregularities.

    I continue to verge on tears today, as I try to imagine what might unfold ahead with Trump vowing to continue the fight at the same time he says there will be a peaceful transfer of power (too late for that).

    I think the 25th Amendment at last may be employed to declare the president incapable of sane behavior and remove him to a pleasant locked room.

    At the same time, I am appreciating seeing this history unfold. Of course, I have oddly enjoyed the earthquakes and hurricanes I have weathered.
    This attack yesterday, though, is much scarier than 911. My thought turns to rise of fascism, which I now must read about at greater length.

    Thanks for your Diary and for your wisdom.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      PS. Ottmar, your Reichstagsbrand reference is right on. Trump himself is not blaming antifa or anything else for the seige. He seems proud of it. I have heard only Fox news trying to turn responsibility away from Trump.

  2. Jon Gagan

    Well-put. I applaud you for speaking out.
    Thank you for giving props to the staffers who saw to it that the case containing the electoral votes was removed to safety. As you said, what if the documents had been destroyed or stolen? Not a pleasant thought.
    Whether you see historical parallels because of, shall we say “informed paranoia”, or because the current playbook is a familiar one, I believe it’s now more important than ever for us to mind the old adage: “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” The 20th century had no shortage of horrendous examples of fascism, mass manipulation, and power-grabs that should not be forgotten or ignored if we wish to progress as a species.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      (Jon, I enjoyed your performance in PETALS ON THE PATH!)

  3. Boris

    I second what you say.

  4. Will

    I would say the majority of Americans, from both parties, were appalled at what transpired yesterday.

    I would also say that the majority of Americans are ready to get this all behind us and start fresh with the new administration.

    I pray and hope that this is an “outlier” event and will not be the spark for a historically significant divergence in what this country stands for…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • ottmar

      The person who started yesterday’s fire will have access to the nuclear codes for another 13 days. In addition why should we believe that this was an outlier and won’t be repeated either in DC or on state level? For the domestic terrorists yesterday’s action was a huge success; what would make them stop now?

      • JaneParhamKatz

        I fear you are right, kemosabe. Now what?

  5. Terry

    Ottmar, Thank you for using your voice to speak on this assault against our government and the complexities of color. How did we get to lefty/POC as representing violence while right/white are seen as patriots? As a POC, irrespective of political leaning, I would not have made it past a guard without harm or arrest. The events that took place have been stoked for years by a con man grifter and his enablers. The last minute resignations of those complicit for years is meaningless.

    Our democracy is fragile. I’m grieving.

  6. Will

    I want to believe, and from the talks I am having with most people, that Americans were appalled at what happened yesterday both in the rhetoric of Trump and the actions of the mob.

    I don’t think Trump would do something as drastic as nuclear global meltdown, but I also am surprised by a lot of his actions.

    If removal prior to the transition is feasible than I think that is a viable option. Unfortunately politicians (on both sides) have long forgotten about what is good for the American people and will gridlock in the name of partisanship.

    Finally I have no reason to believe if it was an outlier or not just as I have no reason to believe and trust what the next moment will bring. My hope is that it was and enough people on both sides of the aisle are fed up with this bull$hit and are ready to drop the title of Democrat, Republican,Conservative, Liberal and just be Americans. But I was always a dreamer anyway….

    Any other solutions I am all ears…

  7. Richard Holbrook

    This seems pretty clearly to me to be driven by the same pathology that is at the root of so many evil deeds committed by our founders, western Europeans, and by the gasping, convulsing right wing of our electorate – white supremacy. The entitlement of white people believing that it is their right and duty to hold on to power, at any cost – even at the cost of our democracy. A blatant denial of facts, truth, and any semblance of honor. I am embarrassed for our country, and so ashamed of how so many Americans could support this monster, and validate his hate, lies, and divisiveness. Thank you for starting this dialogue, for always thinking beyond the obvious – and for being my friend. You are a beacon of the value of art, hope, reason, and collective memory for us all.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Richard, I loved your cover design for Ottmar’s SLOW. What a beautiful snail!

  8. kirsten

    only btw. … a photo published in a magatine as part of an article on Trump shows as his bedside reading: Hitler’s speeches…

    • ottmar

      What’s the name of the magazine? Or do you have a link?

  9. Tony

    Time for me to move back to the safety of Beirut


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