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Today I spent a few hours in the studio working on the Full Version of vision 2020. I added Robby Rothschild’s cajon and djembe performances to the music. Dance 4 Me sounded amazing with Robby’s percussion and JQ’s trumpet section. Walking Beside U sounded glorious with the percussion and trumpets. Powerful. The working title of Walking Beside U was BLM100, where BLM stood for Black Lives Matter and 100 was the tempo of the piece. Listen to the song again and perhaps the sections of the piece feel different with the overlay of that information.

I really looking forward to hearing the Full Version of the album! Hopefully we can record Char Rothschild sometime this month. Then I should be on track to releasing the Full Version in late January.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    That is exciting. You are magnificent performing solo, but percussion, Jon, and other instruments add enriching dimensions.

    Thanks, Ottmar, for sharing your processes.

    • Melissa

      It should be submitted for Grammy consideration. (Along with Slow II when its released.)

      Please be sure to have your people (or your people’s people) check deadlines for submittal; surely there will be many artists who also recorded during isolation.

      A Grammy is LONG OVERDUE. (No doubt you’ll eventually be awarded for a lifetime achievement honoring your vast contribution to the genre.)

      To underscore what a magnificent composer you are, I had to jot down which tunes were yours on Winter Rose vs. which were covers. I’m ignorant to classical music so the fact that I couldn’t tell you from Tsychoski will support my feelings.

      Jon is utterly divine throughout the album.

      This morning I wondered if the fact that you record your own work…meaning you’re not controlled by the industry, created any type of barrier in unspoken ways. Because its mindblowing that you havent been recognized, and I recognize the fact.

      It’s why I think you’d get an Oscar for the soundtrack of a film. ; )

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Love it!


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