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The song Sand, on the album Dune, has the subtitle Apophenia.

Here is your reading assignment on Apophenia for the day. Great piece and absolutely fascinating.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    We should be taught critical and scientific thinking from early grades. I like the Occam’s Razor approach. Sherlock Holmes stories show fabulous examples of deduction. Also the TV show MONK.

    Re Apophenia, if the people searching in the basement had applied just Occam’s Razor, they might have realized that opening up the wall was way too complicated. And how could the random pieces of wood on the floor be trusted to remain in the shape of an arrow.

    Further, on another subject, almost all conspiracy theories seem too complicated to be real. Don’t you think?

    Ottmar, you are so interesting!

  2. Steve

    It’s difficult to say too many times:

    “correlation is not causation”

    • ottmar

      It’s a very good mantra.


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